Speak English Professionally #4 - The Job Interview & Pitching

December 3, 2018

Lecture notes from Georgia Tech’s “Speak English Professionally" course. Here are the Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

Job Interview

I didn't do many job interviews when I got my current job. Nonetheless, it was stressful to talk about yourself intensely with complete strangers. But I think it would have been so much easier if I just did my part and practiced a bit.


First impression: Body language. Be aware of your body language. Film yourself and review your body language. Mirror and copy the interviewer's body language. It brings you closer. Body language shapes who you are and how you feel about yourself.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

-ed & -s Endings

Voiced Sounds - Sound that vibrates ~ -ed /d/ ~ programmed, Voiceless Sounds - Non vibrating sounds ~ -ed /t/ ~ worked Ending with t or d - Add extra syllable ~ -ed /id/ ~ invented

  • /s/ -  products, repeats
  • /iz/ - places,  images, changes, taxes, uses
  • /z/ - commercials, models,  sells,  ads, shows, uses, keys, listens, pays,

Interview Role Play

  1. Your ability (What type of organization is it?)
    1. What is your greatest strength?
    2. What are your best skills?
  2. Your willingness
    1. Describe a very successful project you completed in your current job.
    2. How do you handle problems and setbacks?
  3. How well you will fit
    1. How do you adjust to new situations?
  • Give a direct answer and refer to the actual job.
  • Tell a story to catch their attention.

Always ask "What can I do next to get this position?".


A pitch is where you present or speak about your ideas to another people in order to persuade them.

3 Tells

  1. Tell what you are going to say - Introduction
    • Make your audience sit up and listen
    • Show photos and graphs
  2. Tell more - Body
    • Tell them why it is important for them
    • First, Second, Finally
    • Provide evidence
  3. Tell it again - Conclusion
    • Repeat your main points (Last change to secure)
    • Leave them with strong, powerful message

Perfect your pronunciation

Compound noun (The first word is stressed):

  • driver's license
  • coffee cup

Compound proper noun (Always stress the last word):

  • Delta Arilines
  • Georgia Tech 
  • New York City
  • Golden Gate Bridge

Stress difference between nouns and verbs

  • She records her speeches.
  • I keep a record of all the movies I have watched.

Such nouns and verbs are object, contact, permit, present, etc. Suffixes

  • -ness, -full, -ment, -r ~ Doesn't change the word stress
  • -ity, -ion, -ic, -ical, -ian ~ Stress moves to right before the suffix.
    • Major -> majority
    • Electric -> electrician
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